суббота, 17 июня 2017 г.

tinsel renderer and my speedup modifications

tinsel renderer and my speedup modifications:
  • cpu only version. gpu version hardcoded off
  • openMP is added. on my 2-core cpu speedup to 160%(before openMP 4.7s per frame for ajax scene, after 2.9s) - more cores = faster
  • little bit speedup for disneyBRDF pdf calculation
- nanoRT scene accelelerator
- tinyobjloader with my speedups
- lodePNG for save png
- openCL version

  • Unbiased uni-directional path tracer
  • Disney's principled BRDF with importance sampling of diffuse and specular lobes
  • CPU or GPU tracing and shading with a persistent CUDA threads model
  • Interactive OpenGL progressive mode
  • Explicit area light sampling
  • Affine and deformable motion blur
  • Gaussian reconstruction filter
  • Instanced triangle mesh primitives with affine transformations
  • AABB tree with SAH and splitting
  • Simple scene description format
  • Windows / macOS / Linux support

    P.S. зачеркнутое - заявленное, но в коде нет этого

available on github https://github.com/tigrazone/tinsel

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